Parts of a Telescope

Without telescopes, we would know incalculably less about the universe beyond Earth than we do today. While these tools have come a long way since Galileo’s 16th-century invention, their essential parts — lenses, mirrors and structural components — remain fundamentally unchanged.

The Parts of a Reflector Telescope

Here is an explanation of the various parts of a reflector telescope. There are variations in types of reflector scopes but for the most part they are very similar.

1- The Tube assembly: This is the long white part and it holds the mirror, the secondary mirror, the eyepiece and holder. It is the whole optic system.
2- The Mount assembly: This is the whole assembly that supports and moves the telescope tube.
3- The eyepiece assembly: There is a knob for focusing and a sleeve that you can insert various sized eyepieces in. Read More…

The Parts of a Reflector Telescope

A modern reflecting telescope has two major parts—the primary mirror and a secondary mirror. There are many variations to this seemingly simple design however, and it took centuries for the design to be perfected.

The Basics of a Reflector Telescope

A reflector telescope uses a primary mirror to collect the light from distant stars and galaxies. Read More…