What is the difference between Refractor and Reflector telescopes?

I am planning to buy a telescope for amateur astronomy, but there’s some confusion between reflector and refractor telescopes. Which one is better? Also, what other factors should I consider for a good telescope?

Reflector and Refractor Telescope Difference

Refractor telescopes are telescopes that use lenses to gather and focus light. Refractors deliver sharp, high-contrast images with crisp views of the moon, planets and stars. Refractors are known for their rugged simplicity. They are easy to aim, they need little maintenance and lenses rarely need alignment-very popular for beginning students of astronomy. Read More…

The Difference Between Refractor and Reflector Telescopes

Refractor VS Reflector Telescopes

The two types of telescopes are quite simple to tell apart. Refractor Telescopes use lenses, much like your regular eye glasses. Reflector Telescopes use mirrors. Both are very great tools for viewing space, but there are some key differences.

Refractor telescopes are almost always very long and slender in size and shape. The eyepieces is always at the bottom of the telescope, putting your view straight through the lenses that are place on the back and front of the telescope. Read More…

Refractor or Reflector – Which is “Best” for Astrophotography?

Who dares to ask that question? Why there have been many spirited debates on the subject, which have discussed every detail and nuance of the question. Many times these debates only serve to fan the flames of the opposing camps. It is not my intention that this thread would have any such effect. My hope is that we can bring out the relevant points of comparison to help in choosing a telescope for astrophotography. Either design has its place in astro-imaging – the two designs are complementary and not necessarily in competition. It’s also worth noting there may be differences in how we answer the question, depending upon whether we are viewing or photographing our subject. Also it matters if we are photographing a wide view or narrow view (like planets). Read More…


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