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Astronomy Facts You Did Not Know Of

Astronomy Facts

From the Sun’s superhuman strength to leaving a permanent mark on the Moon, the six most fascinating and interesting facts about astronomy.

Amazing Astronomy Facts

When you look at the Andromeda galaxy (which is 2.3 million light years away), the light you are seeing took 2.3 million years to reach you. Thus you are seeing the galaxy as it was 2.3 million years ago.

Light from the sun takes 8 minutes to reach you, thus you see the sun as it was 8 minutes ago. It might have blown up 4 minutes ago and you wouldn’t know about it! Know 24 more facts…

125 Amazing Facts about Space, Planets and Universe

1. Saturn’s moon Titan has plenty of evidence of organic (life) chemicals in its atmosphere.

2. Life is known to exist only on Earth, but in 1986 NASA found what they thought might be fossils of microscopic living things in a rock from Mars.

3. Most scientists say life’s basic chemicals formed on the Earth. The astronomer Fred Hoyle said they came from space. Know 11 more facts…

10 Strange and Amazing Astronomy Facts

Even though man has studied the heavens for thousands of years, we still know very little about the Universe we live in. And as we continue to learn more, we are consistently amazed, and sometimes confused, by what we learn. Here is a collection of amazing, interesting, and strange astronomy facts, in no particular order.

1. Scientists believe that we can only see about 5% of the matter in the Universe. The rest is made up of invisible matter (called Dark Matter) and a mysterious form of energy known as Dark Energy.

2. Neutron stars are so dense, that a soup can full of neutron star material would have more mass than the Moon. Know 8 more facts…

50 Amazing and strange Astronomy facts

1-Saturn would float if you would put it in water.

2-If you would place a pinhead sized piece of the Sun on the Earth you would die from standing within 145 km (90 miles) from it.

3-Space is not a complete vacuum, there are about 3 atoms per cubic meter of space. Know 47 more facts…

10 Fascinating Astronomy Facts

Our Universe is full of wonders and powerful forces.

When we study astronomy we always learn amazing, and very interesting facts. Some of them are strange indeed.

Here is a list of some remarkable and fascinating astronomy facts.

You may know some of these fact already, but a couple of them can be a real surprise!

1. Your weight on other planets is not the same

As you know different planets have different gravities, which mean that an astronaut’s weight will change from planet to planet. For example, an astronaut weighing 75 kilos on Earth would weigh only 28 kilos on Mars, but 177 kilos on Jupiter.

2. Crossing the Milky Way takes a very long time, even if you try to do it fast! Know 8 more facts…

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