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A Complete Guide To Buy A Travelers Telescope

A telescope is an equipment, especially used to view the night sky. A beautiful night sky traversal experience can be achieved with a good telescope. There are different telescopes available in the market like Newtonian reflector, Dobsonian reflector, catadioptric telescopes. This is a guide to buy a travelers telescope which can help you buy the best quality and inexpensive telescope. Different criteria determine the quality and price of the telescope such as mirror size, eyepiece quality, corrector lenses, mount, Moon filter, Barlow lens, prism inside the telescope etc.

Guide To Buy A Travelers Telescope Must Cover The Following Features.

• A traveler’s telescope must be portable because it will be easier to carry. The refractors should be portable and its mount must be divided into some manageable sections like tripod, main mount and counterweights. You can choose a catadioptric telescope because it has combined mirrors and lenses make a more compact tube which is available in 14-inch telescope.

• You can choose a Newtonian reflector which is the best option for beginners. Its design is very simple, cheap for mirror size (6-inch) and best for navies. Its mirror will help to view galaxies, the Moon and other planets in a brighter way. The Dobsonian telescope has simple mount and large mirrors which is very popular to view faint galaxies and nebulae. Its price is also relatively cheap compared to other design.

• Another type of telescope, catadioptric telescopes has a compact size and portable in nature. Its large focal ratios are very perfect for lunar and planetary observations. It also uses a combination of corrector lenses and mirrors. So, you can buy this type of telescope during travel.

• Some manufactures offer some accessories with telescope like a Moon filter, a Barlow lens which increases the magnification of eyepieces, an angled or prism which helps for comfortable viewing. You can buy a telescope from these brands like Sky-Watcher, Celestron, Orion, Bresser etc.

• Guide to buy a travelers telescope include to choose a heavier mount because it tends to more stability and portability. When choosing the mount, you can consider two types – the altaz and the equatorial mount. By using altaz mount, the telescope moves up and down (altitude) and left and right (azimuth). The equatorial mount moves in the order of longitude and latitude and also mapped to an imaginary region on the sky. You can choose the GEM (German equatorial mount) of your telescope. Newtonians telescope offers GEM.

• Some telescope brands like Acuter, Sky-Watcher, Celestron have built-in zoom eyepiece which increases magnification. These scopes are also attached to a normal photographic tripod, so they are useful for nature-spotting as well as astronomy. If you want to buy a versatile telescope, you must buy this type.

So, to buy a travelers telescope, you must focus on its specification. Do not stress on the magnification of the telescope, because a poor telescope can magnify many times. You should give attention to the lens quality, size of the telescope’s lens and main mirror, focal length, etc. Focal length is very important in respect of a telescope because it is the distance between a telescope’s main mirror and the image point. If you want to buy only travelers telescope, you should go for portable telescope.

Follow this guide to buy a travelers telescope and you will never fail or buy a bad telescope.