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A Buying Guide To Pick Best Telescopes For Beginners

best telescopes for beginners

Our universe is immeasurable and vast but with the help of telescopes, one can look at far corners with ease and simplicity. Gazing into the night sky offers a wide number of strange and wonderful sights that can only be cherished for a lifetime. If you love to watch the famous constellation, stars and planets twinkling and gradually moving towards the horizon or illuminating the sky in varied colors, then get the right kind of best telescopes for beginners.

When one is required to buy a telescope, ‘high class’ devices are mostly preferred but people fail to understand to assess their need. A telescope comes in various variety and amazing capability at various price points. It is not necessary to go for the high class and expensive telescope when you have to just perform simple night gazing tasks. Or buying a simple and inferior telescope for your special and dedicated night sky gazing tasks will not do any justice at all. First of all, understand your needs and the types of telescopes available in the market.

The different types of telescopes

In order to pick from the best telescopes for beginners, understand the features and advantages of four distinct types of telescopes. The four types of telescopes are reflector, refractor, hybrid and dobsonian.

• Reflector Telescopes

Reflector are the best telescopes for beginners as it possess a bigger aperture, respectable optics along with a easy set up functionality. Beginner will easily be able to mount the reflector telescope with ease and it bigger aperture will allow to see more of the night sky and smart optics will offers better clarity and precision of the vision.

• Refractor Telescopes

Refractor telescopes come with excellent quality of optics; it can easily be linked with computers and requires lower maintenance. It offers an advantage of using both during the night and daytime with better viewing experience.

• Hybrid Telescopes

Hybrid telescopes are known for their compact design, a beefy mount set up and higher precision of vision to the users. It is one of the best telescopes for beginners that can be used both during the day and night times with same precision and vision clarity.

• Dobsonian Telescopes

Dobsonian telescopes are for those who are looking to perform some rigorous night sky gazing tasks. These telescopes comes with a big aperture which offers bigger avenue of gazing through the sky and it also makes it easier to find targets with it.

How To Choose The Right & Best Telescopes For Beginners?

In order to decide which one will be best telescope for yourself, you have to take various factors into consideration which includes the place you live, the place you wish to explore and how will observe the sky itself. All the above-mentioned telescopes are great for gazing and exploring the night sky. If you wish to use the telescope for bird watching, opt for the Refractor or a hybrid telescope as both of them offers daytime gazing solutions. Both of these telescopes present the image on the right hand side, which will make it easier to track the movements of a moving target like bird.

Maintenance Factor In Telescopes

Maintenance is another factor, which is worth discussing, as all kind of telescopes requires a certain amount of care from the part of the users. The refractors and hybrid telescopes comes with closed tubes but the optics is known to accumulate little bit of dust over the time which can cleaned easily with help of cotton fabrics. Another thing worth noting is that the air can easily circulate in these two telescopes which allows it adjust and adapt with changing temperature swiftly. These telescopes are also able to keep the image distortion at lower side.

Refractor and Dobsonian telescopes require the users to adjust the line of sight, in simple terms, ‘collimate’ the mirrors from time to time. It is not a hard thing to do but one has to adjust it often for getting better vision. A hybrid telescope doesn’t need much collimation and Refractor happens to be among the best telescopes for beginners as it simply does away with the adjusting of line-of-sight completely.

Understand the Aperture

Aperture is the opening present in the telescope that allows the light to enter inside in order to frame images. Each telescope comes with a definite aperture size a large size means more are can be viewed through the telescope while smaller results in vice versa. The buyer mostly prefers wider aperture or larger aperture as it offers sharper focus and brighter images.

It should be noted that telescope job is not just to magnify the targets but also funnel the light photons in such a manner that it offers better assembling of images. The best telescopes for beginners should be the one that offer better images and wider area to focus upon while gazing at the targets.

Consider the Option of ‘Computer Control’

Nowadays, most of the best telescopes for beginners come with a simple on-screen on board computers that allows users to pinpoint on the targets with ease. Having computer control makes it easier to find and point at the targets, which helps in saving a lot of time and minimizes the effort.

With the old-fashioned telescopes or telescopes devoid of computer control, a user has to struggle with reading the start charts and finding objects in the changing night sky. However, with telescopes having computer control, this frustration coming from the inability to pin point the celestial targets are simply erased away.

Some of the astronomers disagree with the usage of computer control in the telescope as it makes the task of star gazing too easy for the beginners. But you are certainly not here for such intellectual and hardcore astronomy gigs; therefore, it is better to buy best telescopes for beginners with computer controls.

If you wish to follow the path of old school with telescopes devoid of computer control, you will have to devote a large amount time that will run in hours to pin point the targets. You will gradually learn about the time inductive task of reading the star charts and finding the right constellation and other celestial bodies present in the night sky. It is also a great way to experience the marvels of the nature and the magical stars and bodies of the night sky.

Compare, Read reviews and Watch Videos

In order to find the best telescopes for beginners, you can invest your time in reading the reviews of the telescopes on the internet. Reviews offers a great way to understand all the features, specification, advantages along with the limitation of the various telescopes present in the market. A video review offers a huge opportunity to see the telescope in action and understand how to use the device exactly. Videos will even tell you about various tips and tricks to increase the functionality or to get more out of any telescope. Don’t forget to compare prices on the online and offline stores in order to get the best deal on your favored telescope.

Once you had successfully bought your first telescope, march to your roof or balcony and get ready to observe the amazing cosmic events that lay throughout the 2015 and 2016.