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Bushnell Voyager 700x76mm Reflector Telescope Review

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Bushnell Company offers a variety of products about sports optics since 60 years. The Company is very reputable in the market and offers affordable, reliable, best quality optics products for sportsman and hobbyist. These products are mainly categorized into indoor and outdoor tech equipments like binoculars, GPS, trail cameras, reflector telescope, digital camera binoculars, flashlights, night vision goggles, velocity speed guns etc.

There are various telescopes in the market but Bushnell Voyager 700×76 mm reflector telescope is the perfect one for enjoying night-sky and learning astronomy. It has audio feature which offers great visual experience with audio tour through the sky at night. Individuals, especially kids, can learn various interesting facts about the night sky. Its LED backlight display is easily adjustable and one can easily jump to his/her chosen stars. Its illuminated buttons are excellent at night which attracts viewers. Its eyepieces are also very attractive and include 3 large 1.25’’ diameters. So, kids and beginners can easily use it at the night sky with clarity and without hassle.

The important features of Bushnell Voyager 700×76 mm Reflector Telescope is –

• It is an electronic handset that offers a real-time audio tour throughout the night sky. Its volume and language choice are easily adjustable.

• It gives a wonderful experience to the visitors in the respect of mythology, amazing planets and facts.

• Its perfect backlight LED display highlights the specific object and illuminated mount guides you to the objects.

• It easily positions your vision to your chosen stars by LED electronic red dot quickly.

• Its eyepieces are very large with 1.25’’ diameter.

• This product is available with Barlow lens and Sky Tour 789931.

The specifications of Bushnell Voyager 700×76 mm Reflector Telescope are –

• Its Model number is 789931.

• Eyepieces with 1.25’’ diameter.

• Its reflector is very high quality with 700×76 mm.

• Its focal length is about 700 mm.

• Its illuminated smart mount is very attractive.

According to various reviews of customers, the reflector telescope is very useful, interesting and attractive to the people and kids. But its manual is not up to date.

As it is a telescope used for beginners, its manual should be properly designed with complete information. But, various information like instruction for alignment of spotting scope is missing in the manual. As the manual is incomplete and unclear, at present talking handset appears which can give lots of features to the people. People easily attracts to this type of handset.

As there is lack of proper guidance for using this equipment, people ignore this telescope. So, the company should improve the different tools used to provide proper guidance to the user. After these improvements, Bushnell Voyager 700×76 mm reflector telescope would be very popular among people, especially kids. Individuals who have little or zero knowledge can easily use this product.

Bushnell should survey the market and determine its position, and then necessary changes should be done to this equipment for using this telescope with efficient sky tour feature. The efficient feature of this reflector telescope includes smart mount, focal length, eyepieces, magnifications, audio tour and sturdy pre-assembled construction.