Complete NexStar Guide: SLT vs. SE vs. Evolution Comparison

Celestron is a famous brand in telescope manufacturing industry. Celestron’s NexStar series of telescopes are in the market for quite some time now. NexStar lines of telescopes have become the first choice of customers whenever they intend to buy a new brand. Nexstar has a few sub-lines too, each of these sub-line brands are recognized for their distinctive features. In this present context, SLT, SE and Evolution version of the product will be considered.

Products specification:

Products Overview:

NexStar SLT is a fully computerized series of telescopes meeting the needs of different types of star gazers. The Sky Align technology helps in finding stars quite easily which is indeed a great support for beginners. The series of telescopes have varied sizes of apertures starting from 90mm to 130mm. The sturdy single fork arm mount of the telescopes are very smooth in manual handling too.

NexStar SE series telescopes are available in four different apertures. The altazimuth mount with Sky align software make the telescope very handy. These telescopes come with built-in astro imaging wedge and StarBright XLT coating.

NexStar Evolution series is premium quality telescopes from Celestron. With all modern amenities and large apertures the telescopes are indeed owners’ pride. The database stored is more than 120000, which makes it an encyclopedia of night sky.

Differences between the models:

SLT and SE series

Generally it is not feasible to compare these two series, since SLT is lower version of telescopes. The price of SLT series is much lower than SE series. Customers, who are looking for budget scopes, yet with all modern features for extended view of celestial objects. The mount of SE telescopes are much more strong and adjustable then SLT telescopes. The database preserved as guide for celestial observation is almost 4 times more in SE series than SLT series.

SE and Evolution series:

Again the Evolution version is the higher version of NexStar products. The features are of course better than SE series. The battery support of both the series is goes for 9-10 hours almost, but the evolution series is further supported with internal batteries for unhindered observation. The Evolution series is also perfect for deep sky star gazing and more analytical observations.

Comparison of prices:

The SLT series is a budget telescope for beginners with price raging from $330 to $400. The SE series with all higher version features and more penetrating capacity are available at ranges from $499 to $1250. The evolution series is premium quality telescopes whose prices are ranging from $1199 to $2100.


NexStar products are indeed unparallel in the market. All types of amateur night sky observers will find their products from wide range of product lines, i.e. SLT, SE and Evolution telescopes.

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