The Best Telescopes For Beginners Under $200

Telescopes, are eyes for the astronomers, which give them the divine view of the world above. A good telescope is the most important tool for a budding astronomer to make his/her mark in the industry. Telescopes which can be defined as optical instruments used to make distant objects appear nearer, actually work on a simple mechanism of collecting and focusing rays of light from the object and in turn making them appear magnified. They are actually windows to the universe and have made the world above us come alive. The first known telescopes were invented in Netherlands during the 17th century and thereafter there has been no looking back. There are endless options available and one can choose a telescope which best suits his/her purpose. Choosing the right telescope amongst the vast array is a demanding and challenging task. Before buying a telescope one should be clear about these four questions- what one wants to observe? How one wants to observe? Where one lives? And where he/she will be observing? Then these questions need to be weighed in connection to the attributes of the telescope selected,in order to find the best match.

Looking at the night sky through a telescope can be the most amazing feeling, as it transcends you to a new world full of imaginary objects. Initially buying a telescope with a very good scope remained out of budget for most of the people, but now with the advent of digitally-driven manufacturing technology, telescopes of high quality and great capacity are available at affordable prices. In this article we shall be assessing the attributes of certain telescopes which fall under the preview of best telescopes for beginners under $200 and are highly recommended by customers on amazon. These telescopes will be studied from various aspects like their features, uses, advantages and drawbacks, ultimately leaving us with one such telescope which is best suited for the beginners. So let us begin our journey into the unknown and discover something new.

Our list of the best telescopes for beginners under$200 would include:






Reviewing 5 Best Telescopes For Beginners Under $200


To begin your astronomical ordeal- The Vixen Optics 32752 Telescope, can be the best companion. One problem which beginners to the astronomical world face is understanding the complexities and technicalities of their gazing tool. Vixen Optics is a great solution to this trouble. This telescope has an easy handling and quick set up features, which make it a preferable choice among the entry level astronomers. The ease does not make the telescope compromise on its quality, the telescope can provide one with a great visual exploration of the night sky. The telescope has all the features which one may find in a high priced optical device. The inclusion of variety of eyepieces makes the astronomical journey specific and fun and the light weight makes this telescope’s portability to different places of interest easier.


The Vixen Optics 32752 Telescope is a great device with some excellent features, all at a very attractive price. This device with it slow motion controls gives the beginners the desired time to adjust their angles and get a better view. The telescope has a sturdy and expandable tripod making it very flexible for use, the tripod has an expandability from 27.5 inches to 50 inches making the viewing comfortable. This entry level telescope gives to the beginners the benefit of gazing at the night sky with great accuracy(owing to the diagonal eyepiece holder and inclusion of a variety of eyepieces (PL20 AND PL4)). The telescope also has an accessory tray attached to it, leading to extra comfort of putting all the important astronomical pieces at one accessible place. The product dimensions are 13x 37x 8 inches and it weighs around 0.2 ounce, since it is light in weight it is easy to handle and can travel places with you. The telescope has an aperture of 70 mm which leads to high quality visuals.


1. The Vixen Optics 32752 Telescope provides all the features of an expensive telescope like clarity and great visual quality, at an affordable price.

2. This telescope is a boon for beginners, as they get the ease of setting up and carrying it to places which are the greatest matters of concern.

3. The telescope comes with two additional lenses, which help in adjusting the view to one’s convenience.

4. The tripod has a great expansion and thus provides great viewing comfort which might not be available in many high priced, bigger telescopes.

5. Great tool for night sky exploration, with its diagonal eyepiece holder and mounts slow motion handles.

6. Gives extra comfort due to features such as quick and easy set up.


1. Only two extra eyepieces are available with the product, any detailed search might need more variety and thus lead to extra cost.


The Celestron Cosmos 60 AZ is a one stop solution to the quality and affordability problems which the beginners confront. If you are looking for something with great quality, clarity and sturdiness you are at the right place. This 60 mm refractor has fully coated achromatic glass lens which gives to you clear and crisp images. This telescope is easy to set up and use. Since it weighs around 11 pounds it is permanently mounted. One feature which makes this telescope stand out is its step toward saving the environment, under which a portion of proceeds from this telescope goes to the international dark-sky association which in turn works towards minimizing light pollution. This telescope is a great choice for both astronomical and terrestrial use and can be used with ease by children and adults alike.


The Celestron Cosmos 60AZ Telescope with special edition COSMOS eye nebula graphic gives great image quality at affordable prices. It has been formulated with a pan handle and a smooth clutch for accurate pointing. The telescope has a fully coated achromatic glass lens and rugged tripod with steel legs. Thus a sturdy structure with great accuracy. The accuracy feature receives more boost from the inclusion of a red dot finderscope, which points to the objects accurately making searches easy and spot-on. The telescope boasts of an easy set-up and has 2 Kellener eyepieces to assist in specific searches. The telescope has a 60mm refractor and gives sharp and bright viewing of the solar system and beyond. This telescope has been widely used and appreciated for its ease of use and quality, which is available at a great price. The flow of a portion of its proceeds towards minimizing light pollution gives this telescope a definite edge over others. The purchase of this telescope also entitles you to a free planetarium app for your android phones and a cosmic calendar poster which makes it quite a good deal for beginners stepping in the field of astronomy.


1. The Celestron Cosmos 60AZ Telescope gives to the beginners the ease of set up and use.

2. It provides a special feature of red dot finderscope, which makes object location easier and accurate for those who are not well-versant with the astronomical art.

3. The incorporation of special edition COSMOS eye nebula graphic helps in receiving clear and crisp images.

4. This product is associated with the international dark-sky and thus has a philanthropic edge attached to itself.

5. With the product one gets 2 Kellner eyepieces, cosmic calendar poster and a free planetarium app which seems quite exciting.


1. The major disadvantage attached to this product is the fact that it weighs around 11 pounds and is thus permanently mounted, making it immobile.


The Orion Observer 60 mm AZ Refractor and Starter Kit is undoubtedly an amazing choice for beginners in the field of astronomy, taking their first dose of celestial visuals. This telescope is great choice for backyard astronomy and has some amazing features which make it a preferred choice. Whether it be taking glimpses of lunar crates, Saturn rings or the Jupiter moon, this telescope with its two fully coated 1.25 inches kellner eyepieces, an Orion EZ finder and a 1.25 inch focuser gives bright and clear images. This telescope with its good quality visual and equally easy use makes it a great choice for beginners and is sure to increase their interest further. Apart from the great features it is also coupled with some interesting goodies, to make it worth every penny spent for it.


This 60 mm refractor can bring great joy to the beginners in the field of astronomy, with its adjustability, easy set up and amazing features. This telescope is equipped with a 60 mm glass lens to provide sharp images, has two different magnifying options to get a better view and at the same time has a sturdy and expandable base. The Orion EZ finder II is a special feature of this telescope, this aiming device helps in easy and faster location of the desired celestial object. The 1.25 inch kellner eyepiece and 1.25 inch focuser adds to the precision and leads to a breath-taking view. This telescope comes with- an astronomy book giving a detailed introduction of astronomy, Orion moon map 260 to identify the names of caters and features on moon and a star target plan sphere to see what is there in the sky on any given day in the year. Such boost of knowledge compliments the views which this telescope generates with great precision and thus can be termed as a great package at a great price.


1. This telescope has great value for beginners owing to the ease of use, set up and clarity.

2. This telescope has 60 mm glass lens, 1.25 inch telescope eyepiece which gives a great view.

3. The telescope has two different viewing options to it, giving one the flexibility to assess various angles.

4. The Orion EZ finder makes location of objects easier, adding precision to work.

5. The product is accompanied with literature on astronomy and a moon map which makes the package exciting.

6. A great tool to see all the moon details.


1. Not a great choice if one has more interest in planets than in moon and stars.


Twinstar 60 mm Compact Refractor Astroventure Telescope is a great choice for those who want to put their first step forward in the field of astronomy. A great tool, this telescope is a beginner’s delight with 60 mm refractor, 6 mm eyepiece and up to 50x magnification. This telescope is not very extensive on its features and this simplicity makes it easier for the beginners to work with it. All one has to do is to point and start gazing at the endless possibilities. The telescope is as easy to install as to use. The structure is adjustable and mobile, owing to its clean and crisp design.


The Twinstar 60 mm Compact Refractor AstroVenture Telescope is a boon for beginners. This telescope comprises mainly of four parts which can be assembled in a jiffy. The product is super light in weight which makes it quite portable and hence gives it great flexibility. The simple structure does not mean that there is any compromise on the view quality, the 60 mm refractor is powerful enough to give a clear view of the moon, Saturn rings and even some of Jupiter moons. The magnification can range from 15x to 50x, making objects appear really close. This telescope stands out on the features of clarity, portability and easy assembly from many other telescopes in the same segment, making this telescope a great choice for beginners.


1. The most important feature which makes this telescope stand out is the easy portability feature, since it is very light, carrying it becomes very easy.

2. The telescope has a very simple design and does not need any technical support for installing it.

3. The clarity and image quality is at par with many highly priced telescopes.

4. Gives additional zooming feature.


1. The telescope is highly recommended for children, but lacks double eyepiece which is a necessary feature needed by young kids.


The Meade Instrument 209004 infinity 80 AZ Refractor is a beginner’s best friend. This telescope is great for viewing both astronomical and terrestrial objects. The wonders of night sky can be captured with precision with this 80 mm refractor. The images are bright and detailed and thus gives great pleasure of viewing. It has a precision Altazimuth mount which has slow motion controls, making sky gazing a memorable experience. This product is a first step in astronomy and can surely lead to a giant leap.


The 18 pound 80 mm refractor telescope is a great choice for those interested in discovering cosmos and outdoors. This telescope comes with three eyepieces which enables one to have low, medium and high powered magnification for viewing objects, giving one flexibility of work. This telescope also has a red dot finder, which helps in locating objects with great precision and makes the entire sky gazing experience worthwhile. The slow motion controls of the telescope helps in analyzing the movement of objects in an easier manner. Thus we can say this telescope with clear and sharp images, sturdy base, precise finder and great magnifying options is a good choice for beginners, giving them the desired convenience to accomplish their dreams.


1. The telescope has an 80 mm aperture which helps in delivering better, clearer images.

2. This telescope has a great focuser and has eyepieces which can give low, medium and high levels of magnification.

3. The telescope comes with astronomical software and also has DVD’s with instructions, thus making work easier.

4. The slow motion control makes sky gazing precise.

5. A refractor telescope means that the telescope does not have mirrors, which would need to be aligned.

6. This telescope can be used for day time observations (ocean, birds etc.)


1. Tracking celestial objects might prove difficult because the EQ mount turns with the rotation of earth, while the controls functions right, left, up and down.

VIXEN OPTICS 32752 TELESCOPE.The vixen optics telescope has been priced at $135.72At the amazon customers review it has a 5 star rankingThis telescope is super light in weight at 0.2 ounce and thus has the advantage of portability.The number of eyepieces stands insufficient, for variety viewing.13x 37x 8 inches and a weight of 0.2 ounce.
CELESTRON COSMOS 60AZ TELESCOPE.This telescope has a pocket pinch of $99.95.At the amazon reviews it has been ranked with five stars.It has the advantage of COSMOS eye nebula graphic, which provides for great viewing.This telescope is permanently mounted, making it immobile.Dimensions- 34x49x34 inches with a total weight of 11 pounds.
ORION OBSERVER 60 mm AZ REFRACTOR AND STRATER KIT.This telescope is priced at $99.99.Enjoys a five star ranking at amazonComes with an Orion EZ finder, which helps in location of celestial objects with great precision.The planetary gazing is not very clear.N.A
TWINSTAR 60 mm COMPACT REFRACTOR ASTROVENTURE TELESCOPE.This telescope is priced at $99.99.Has a 4.8 star ranking at amazon.This telescope has very easy installation, comprises of four parts which can be put together without any technical guidance.Lacks double eyepieces, making it difficult for use among young learners.Weighs around 14 pounds.
MEADE INSTRUMENTS 209004 INFINITY 80 AZ REFRACTOR.The Meade instrument has a pocket pinch of $159.99Reviewed with4.8 star ranking, at amazon.This telescope has an 80mm aperture, which is the best among its contemporaries.The disparity between the controls and EQ mount makes viewing celestial objects a little difficult.53X34X34 Inches are the dimensions, with a total weight of 18 pounds.


After a detailed study of the available options in the segment of beginners telescopes under $200, we deciphered that VIXEN OPTICS 32752 TELESCOPE stands out with its diverse and user friendly features. The comparison which was based on the criteria’s of weight, clarity, precision, ease of use and installation and price made Vixen optics stand out as a clear winner. This telescope with its features of slow motion control and a strong and sturdy tripod base make the astronomical work easier and precision driven. The biggest constraint which the beginners face while using a telescope is the technical and installation aspect. In case of this telescope the use and installation are both very simple making the beginners at celestial adventure feel relaxed. The quality of this product is comparable to many telescope which are way highly priced, thus this telescope gives a vivid range of features and extremely sharp and clear pictures at an affordable price. Night sky exploration becomes fun with this telescope, as it has diagonal eye piece holders with slow motion handles so as to give a detailed view. The best feature of this telescope is its light weight, at 0.2 ounce this telescope is highly portable and thus can increase the scope of view. The optical tubes are high quality and can give great magnification effects. Setting up does not require any technical assistance, it can be easily done by a newbie and thus is very convenient to use. The provision of an accessory tray and extra eyepieces adds to the comfort. Thus we can effectively conclude that the VIXEN OPTICS 32752 TELESCOPE stands out among its other contemporaries in all-most all aspects of portability, clarity, ease of use and convenience of installation. So give your celestial dreams the desired wings in form of Vixen Optics 32752 Telescope and see yourself fly.